Method of cleaning the automobile fuel injector

If you drive an internal combustion engine vehicle, you have a lot to thank your fuel injectors for. These components take the gasoline from the fuel tank and spray it as a fine mist into the engine. Being in mist form makes the gasoline easier to burn inside the engine. As important as the fuel injector is to the operation of your car, you need to keep them well maintained.

This article looks into how to clean your fuel injectors. However, many car owners are not sure whether fuel injectors need to be cleaned as a maintenance routine.


Fuel injectors are not fragile to operate. However, they can get clogged up over time with the buildup of deposits, especially if you drive long distances.

How fast the deposit builds up can depend on the type or quality of the gasoline you put in your tank. Lower-cost fuels often only include the least amount of detergents, which are responsible for preventing carbon buildup.

Apart from the type of gasoline put in the fuel, some engines now come with gasoline direct injection systems that are more susceptible to clogging than the standard fuel injectors.

So, as a car owner, cleaning your fuel injectors is not an impossibility. Your fuel injectors need cleaning when you notice hard starts, decreased fuel economy, poor engine performance, rough idling, pre-ignition pinging, and throttle hesitation.

Now that you know why and when your fuel injectors might be clogged, we will look at how to clean your fuel injectors.

Method of cleaning automobile fuel injectors

If you want to clean your fuel injector as a DIY project, you need to follow these steps:

· Get a fuel injector cleaning kit

· Unscrew the cap on the fuel injector canister

· Fill up the canister with the cleaning solution

· Position the canister above the car engine with the hood open

· Find the fuel rail test port (you might have to consult your car manual)

· Connect the canister to the fuel rail test port with the canister hose

· Find and disconnect the pump relay in the fuse box, as shown in your car manual

· Attach air supply to the canister’s airport

· Change the regulated system pressure displayed on the meter, following your car manual, and then start the car

· After 5 to 10 minutes, when all the solution would have flowed through the fuel rail and the canister is emptied, release the line pressure and disconnect the air supply. Also, disconnect the hose from the fuel rail

· Start the car

Cleaning your fuel injector, however, does not have to be as complicated or time-consuming. With AUTOOL CT400 GDI fuel injector cleaner, you have multiple benefits over the method described above.

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You can clean six injectors simultaneously for greater efficiency, with the capacity to recover the test liquid. Also, the AUTOOL CT400 can carry out multiple fuel injector tests, including accelerating, leak checking, idling spray value tests, etc.

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